World Chardonnay Day – 26th May

White wine being poured into a glassWine making styles are susceptible to trends in popularity just as in food and fashion.  Take the Chardonnay grape for instance, you were unlikely to find anything else in your glass at a party during the 1980s with heavily oaked wines from the New World making their ascendancy.  In recent years other grape varieties have stolen its thunder with some consumers going the whole hog and asking for ‘ABC’ (anything but Chardonnay!)  However, this versatile grape still remains one of the most widely planted in the world with a huge variety of flavours, styles and fans.

In a celebration of the Chardonnay grape Rick Bakas. a sommelier and wine brand consultant, has appointed 26th May as the second annual worldwide Chardonnay day.  His aim is to have the largest virtual tasting in the world and with 2.5 million reached via Twitter alone already and almost 70 “meetups” planned in Singapore, Australia, France, USA, New Zealand, Taiwan and Canada (these are people meeting and tasting in reality not just online) the way is paved.

So if you’ve read this far and think you’d like to join in World Chardonnay Day, what can you do?  Well firstly make sure you’ve got some Chardonnay to drink and whether your taste tends to Chablis, white Burgundy, Blanc de Blancs (or other sparkling wine made with Chardonnay) or something from the New World, MMI staff will be happy to help you choose.  Wither Hills and Valdivieso Chardonnay are both on offer in May.

Here are a few tips from Rick to get you started:

  1. On May 26th, share any photos, videos, blog posts or any other stuff making sure to include #Chardonnay in your posting.  You can post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, Plancast, Foursquare, Gowalla or any other social media site (Grapevine note: including in the comments section on this site).
  2. See what other people are saying by searching “#Chardonnay” on Google,, Tweetdeck, kurrently or Twitterfall.
  3. Organize a get together with friends at your home or in a restaurant.  Add it to the list so others know where to go.
  4. Have fun.  It’s like a giant dining room table where everyone can pull up a chair and join the conversation.

No doubt Rick will be sharing the vital statistics on May 27th. Chardonnay day is 24 hours commencing 12pm Pacific Time on 26th May to encompass all time zones and therefore starts in the UAE at 11pm.

What do you think?  Will you be Tweeting with winemakers and winedrinkers around the world or does online wine drinking leave you cold?  And how about Chardonnay…what do you like (or dislike) about this uniquely versatile grape variety?

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