New restaurant opening

Don Alfonso 1890, a top notch, two Michelin-starred restaurant from Italy, has recently opened at the Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai.

The restaurant draws on its impressive pedigree to serve traditional and authentic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, but with a nod to the contemporary. An open kitchen is the centerpiece of the restaurant, which is run by Head Chef Christian de Nadai.

Don Alfonso 1890 goes back a long way. The original restaurant near Sorrento on the picturesque Amalfi Coast was opened in 1890 by Alfonso Costanzo Iaccarino. In 1973 his grandson, also named Alfonso, relaunched it with his wife Livia. Their sons, Ernesto and Mario, now work there and have expanded it to a boutique hotel and cooking school within the 19th century building. The Head Chef of the Dubai restaurant trained under the grandson Don Alfonso, ensuring that the traditions of the restaurant live on.

The restaurant’s philosophy is to serve local produce that reflects the season. Don Alfonso 1890 has won awards for its organic ‘living off the land’ approach to fine dining. As well as placing great importance on tradition, they’re not afraid to welcome the new. “Being innovative and staying in step with the times, is essential, but we want to maintain our identity, which is tied to our history and our land,” they say. “If we use tradition as a springboard, we shall jump higher.”

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