The Magic of a Chilean Sunrise – Buy 4 for AED 100

Sunrise Sauvignon Blanc AED 34

Tropical fruit salad that fills the mouth with excitement and passion, delivers a real bang for your buck

Drink: Now     Food: Warm chili crabs on a hot plate

Sunrise Merlot AED 34

Plummy and soft with a hint of mushrooms and a sprinkling of herbs. A beautifully crafted wine with delicious tannins and a very smooth finish.

Drink: Now     Food: Beouf bourguignon

Sunrise Shiraz AED 34

Another seductive wine, dark plummy fruits, hints of licorice and soft fleshy tannins.

Drink: Now      Food: Peppered Tenderloin of grain-fed beef

Sunrise Cabernet Sauvignon AED 34

Dark cassis and spice flavours sit perfectly on a bed of firm tannins and a finish that lingers in the mouth.

Drink: Now      Food: Moroccan lamb shanks with dried apricots and puy green lentils

Sunrise Carmenere AED 34

Dark plum fruits with hints of fruitcake and raisins that fill the mouth with firm chewy tannins.

Drink: Now      Food: Pepperoni pizza with jalepenos

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