Planeta Estate Wines

These wines celebrate all that is great in boutique Sicilian winemaking: concentration, balance and unique varietal character. While the Planeta family has expanded their portfolio to encompass some stunning international varietal wines (including Chardonnay, Merlot and Syrah), each of these offerings perfectly exudes Sicilian tradition by using only local grape varieties of true distinction.


The name is taken from the wild shrub which covers the valleys around Lake Arancio with its yellow flowers in springtime. Alastro is a single varietal Grecanico, produced from the historic 25 year old Ulmo vineyard which is able to express utmost characteristics of this noble and ancient Sicilian grape.

Now – 2 years Osso Bucco in a rich tomato sauce



Plumbago is a single-variety Nero d’Avola, named after the purple wild flower that grows in the woods surrounding the vineyards of Ulmo. This is a soft and fruity version of a great Sicilian grape variety. Abundant red fruits dominate, with plum and ripe blackberry in the background. Rounded tannins and perfectly measured oak maturation provide instant gratification.

Now – 2 years Beef casserole with aromatic Italian herbs



This is Planeta’s benchmark wine, produced from the most important Sicilian grape varietal, Nero d’Avola. Following years of research to create the ultimate Sicilian wine, the Planeta family went to the white soils and ancient vineyards of Noto in the South East of the country. Here at the birthplace of Nero d’Avola, the wine expresses elegance, power, balance and poise. Prune, seasoned pomegranate, cake of strawberry, carobs and fig preserve.

Now – 5 years Peppered and exotically spiced red meats



This 100% Fiano gem can be compared alongside the world’s most important white wines with its strength and depth of character. Cometa expresses this extraordinary grape in an original and unique way, with intense and flowery perfumes being held up by a luscious, honeyed structure.

Now – 2 years Seafood brodetto

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