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Domaine de Tholomies Minervois La Liviniere, France NOW AED 168.25
Castillo Perelada Finca Espolla, Spain NOW AED 207.50
Merchant’s Block Soft Fruity White, France NOW AED 37.25
Max Reserva Chardonnay, Chile NOW AED 98.25
Jamsheed La Syrah, Australia NOW AED 73.75
De Bortoli La Bohème Pinot Noir Rose, Australia NOW AED 102.75
Auntsfeild Estate Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand NOW AED 109.25

Bianco IGT AED 45
Trebbiano AED 49.25
Rosso AED 45
Sangiovese AED 49.25

Perfect Partner for the month

Sauvignon Blanc AED 64.25
Chardonnay AED 64.25
Merlot AED 64.25
Cabernet Sauvignon AED 64.25

Straight from the Devils Cellar

Sauvignon Blanc AED 122.75
Chardonnay AED 122.75
Cabernet Sauvignon AED 122.75
Syrah AED 122.75

Award winning wines from Chile

Sauvignon Blanc NOW AED 56.75
Chardonnay NOW AED 58
Cabernet Sauvignon NOW AED 56.75
Merlot NOW AED 56.75

Classic French wine at New World Prices

Bianco NOW AED 69
Noir NOW AED 68.64

Glass of Bubbly?