Follow the St Hallett 2012 Vintage

St Hallett has been one of the leading wine producers in the Barossa Valley for over 40 years. Their philosophy is simple – from grower to winemaker, from cellar master to vintage casual, great wine is an accumulation (!!) of great teamwork and a determination to exceed all expectations. Follow the winemaker Toby Barlow and his team on a vintage in the Barossa through youtube and get to read our own ‘hands on’ vintage report.

Stepping out of the old cellar door pass the old wax-lined cement fermentation tanks and 100 year-old vines, it would be all too easy to think of St Hallett’s as being caught up in some quirky Barossan time-warp. The truth is that St Hallett’s are an extremely modern-kind-of traditional wine producer with the latest in grape presses and winemaking equipment that are used to make traditional styled Barossa Shiraz that encapsulates this magical part of the world. The wines of St Hallett’s are made in the vineyard says Toby Barlow, the rather dashing young winemaker who is currently limping his way around the winery not from old age but due to thinking that he could play guard for the LA Lakers.

Grab your smoked hams and your Bratwursts and enjoy a vintage with Toby Barlow and watch as grapes from old vines are pressed, pumped and soaked to make ones of Australia’s greatest wines.

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