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Zonin could easily be described as one of Italy’s only super brands. It’s hard to believe that the winery is still family owned and operated. The very core of its success is the combination of innovation and tradition that together delivers exceptional value for money. Their portfolio of wines covers eight distinct regions of Italy with each one offering a unique insight into what makes Italian wine tick.

Zonin Soave AED 34

The Soave of today is nothing like the Soave that our parents drank in the 1960’s. This modern equivalent is fresh with plenty of upfront fruit that delivers complex tropical fruits and a racy acidity. Perfect by itself or with food, it’s a wine that could easily compete with any New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Drink: Now    Food: Seared cod

Zonin Bardolino AED 36

The best way to describe Bardolino is a fruity version of Valpolicella. There are dark berry fruits, a hint of spice and soft fleshy tannins that make it exceptionally easy to drink.

Drink: Now (Tip: cool down in the fridge for 20 minutes)    Food: Lamb chops

Zonin Valpolicella AED 34

The second most important red wine of Italy after Chianti. The principal grape variety, Corvina, delivers herbal notes layered of dark berry fruits. It’s a wine best drunk young.

Drink: Now    Food: Duck

Zonin Montepulciano D’Abruzzo AED 34

North of Puglia and east of Lazio lies the region of Abruzzo, home of the Montepulciano grape variety. The wine is pungent with a gamey nose, naturally high levels of tannin, alcohol and acidity that demands food. Luckily this is a slightly softer version of this often austere wine and one that demonstrates the true pedigree of this noble region.

Drink: Now    Food: Côte du Beouf

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