Congratulations to Durbanville Hills

Durbanville hills awardSome bottles of wine in MMI stores do more than just give you drinking pleasure; with Durbanville Hills you also help make a difference within a community.  We’d like to congratulate the Durbanville Hills Winery for winning the Ethical Award category in the 2011 The Drinks Business Green Awards, given for their work with projects helping to alleviate the incredible need within their community for education, improved school facilities and empowering farm workers.

They achieved this by setting up Durbanville Hills Share Purchase Trust; it identifies ways to help the disadvantaged community of the area, focusing primarily on the families of staff employed by the cellar’s nine producer-members but also addressing the needs of those on neighbouring farms. In addition, the workers on the member farms, together with the company’s own cellar workers, hold a 5% equity stake in the cellar.

Funds for the Trust are raised in a number of ways: a percentage of the income from each bottle of wine sold and the income from the 6 ha of olive groves planted around the cellar and leased to olive farmers goes to the Trust as does the money from fundraising initiatives throughout the year.

You can find these wines in MMI stores:

Durbanvilles Hills Rhinofield Reserve Chardonnay AED 59*
Durbanvilles Hills Pinotage AED 50*

*excluding tax.


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Funds are used to support local school projects with facilities and resources, as well as to pay for a full-time tutor who runs adult life-skills programmes on the member farms.

The Trust also sponsors the high-school fees of 24 children from member farms and more recently, in partnership with several community role-players, has been contributing to the support of a day-care centre situated on one of the member farms. Its involvement makes it possible for trained teachers to take care of the well-being and early learning development of children from neighbouring farms, aged between two and five.  The intention is to lay the groundwork for successful learning at school and contribute toward building well-rounded and confident young people.

According to Durbanville Hills MD Albert Gerber this award is as much the community’s as it is recognition for the cellar.

“Since the Trust’s inception in 2000 a great many people have contributed to its success. From the member farms to the various mentors operating within our area, we thank them for their continuous support in improving the lives of our farm workers and their families.

“We believe our commitment to making a difference, has been life-changing for many individuals and children in the area, and we are incredibly proud of receiving this international award.”

The Drinks Business Green Awards is the world’s largest competition rewarding companies for their performance in sustainability and environmental programmes. The Ethical Award category rewards dedication in improving and bettering the quality of life of the community they operate in.

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