An evening stroll at Waterkloof

WaterkloofEver wanted to know more about the wines and wine producers of South Africa?  Paul Hopkins and Tony Dodds, from the MMI wine team, were on a whistle-stop tour last week.  Read their reports here on the Grapevine site where they’ll be taking you inside the wineries and sharing their impressions (and a few other things besides!)

Day three evening – Tuesday 14th June

From the historical estate of Vergelegen we travelled to the relatively new estate of Waterkloof, the makers of False Bay, Circumstance and of course Waterkloof wines.  The winery itself was also set on top of a hill but instead of being sunken away like Vergelegen’s winery, it sat perched like a crown surveying the incredible views of the surrounding countryside and of course False Bay. As the sun was setting we were taken for a quick tour around the vineyard by the viticulturist Christiaan Loots, a man with a passion for his craft and the vineyard’s commitment to farming bio-dynamically.  It is clear for me that this style of farming will become more and more important as we come to realize the damage that we do to ourselves with pesticides and fertilizers.  After a flyby by a tufted-eared owl (hey I’m a wine expert not an ornithologist) we headed back to dinner at the winery’s glass-fronted restaurant and a cold Windhoek beer.

Pick of the wines were the Waterkloof Sauvignon Blanc (17) reminscent of tinned peas and asparagus with crisp acidity and great length, the Circumstance Syrah was rich dark fruits with pepper and spice (16.5) and the Circle of Life red which was vibrant and very fresh (15.5) – all the wines are great value for money.

Another exhausting day drew to a close at the Lord Charles hotel with just enough time for the receptionist to be convinced that Anthony Hopkins was my brother (she asked me and I couldn’t resist saying no). Paul Hopkins

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In the Waterkloof vineyards at dusk

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